Blogging in January

Hi everyone!

It's a brilliantly bright but cold day here in Somerset after a grey and superdull spell. It's so exhilarating to wake up to a beautiful sunset followed by bright blue sky; it makes me feel so good! This is my first blog - so awesome!

Right, I have something really good and useful to share with you today. Let's jump right in. This month my blog is about what? On shining a light on what drives us as individuals, what we find really important. And what on earth makes some people tick whose behaviour traits we find at times simply astonishingly surprising/ annoying....!? And why are some people educated and well meaning yet during their weekend nights they transform into drunken unpredictable animals? Tony Robbins's Ted talk, The 6 Core Human Needs highlights sheds a very clear light on this phenomenon.

Find out what your top four are and be curious if you fmeet your needs in a resourceful way that fulfills you and elevates your surrounding or in a way that brings people down unintended? This podcast is truly groundbreaking, I always find something new to discover. What are yours? You are investing in yourself and your loved ones by learning and reading, I think you are so amazing!

I really hope this gives you something of worth.

I'm sending you so much love, Siska

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