Blogging in September - Change

I love the month of September, it's about appreciating the summer and its lingering signs whilst preparing for a slower pace of the coming months. The odd rose budd is still trying to blossom in my garden while the leaves change colour and the temperatures are definitely dropping. It's my son's 19th birthday soon, so this time of the year with its plants and weather systems is forever etched on my memory with great joy and love.

I have been quiet recently refining what I offer to you in order to serve my clients better, have some variety and work for you with an even more authentic and exciting brand. Last weekend's seminar by Allan Kleynhans, Tony Robbins top coach in the UK and speaker in his own right, was reigniting my fire for connecting with like-minded people. I get so much out of it. What has come up for you recently? As some of you might know, I have been asked to work at Clouds House with groups doing Music Therapy with people recovering from addiction. This has been challenging and also very enjoyable, learning lots from the incredible and successful team and the clients there. Another change that was literally given birth to was my realization that I need to bring in more music into Redman Coaching. It is my passion. So I will design meditations and podcasts with my own composed music and to bring in that high vibe! Yes! The reason for this is to motivate and inspire on a higher level altogether! Let me know what resonates with you as feedback from my tribe is hugely valuable to me. How do you experience change? Do you initiate it or is it your pattern that other people change things for you? I am grateful and super happy this September for growth and initiating change in my business and my relationships. We are building a great network of world learners to lift each other higher! Keep shining and reach out! Sending love, Siska

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