The fabulous and exhilarating LAW OF ATTRACTION - why I love it and how you can use it to make it w

The fabulous and exhilarating LAW OF ATTRACTION

How many of you have heard of the Law Of Attraction or of the film The Secret? If not please watch it, it is amazing and very heart opening. My son introduced me to it a few years ago and we have the book with many incredible thought leaders in it.

The law of attraction is a law of physics. It works with energy mass. What you give attention to, grows. The energy you put out returns in another form.

What does this actually mean?

It means that you radiate with a special energetic vibration when you say for example, "I feel fantastic today and I adore working with you all which energizes me, and you are all so supportive and knowledgeable!"

Feels good to read this? From this end, hell yes!

Now read this: "Why does this always happen to me? I surely don't deserve this, I fail every time I try to make a change in my life. And nobody helps me."

Hmm, flat energy, right?

It's hugely important that we watch our thought patterns. Do you operate from a place of love or from a place of lack and fear? Which language and vibe do you use when you communicate?

Our human brain thrives on familiarity. Changing our language, thoughts and intentions isn't always so easy. It requires trust, practice and a new vision.

Watch those who start a sentence with the words

I enjoy

I appreciate

I love

I cherish

I manifest

I share

I flourish

I create

I reciprocate...


I worry that

I fear that

I detest that

I don't like that

I am disappointed that

I doubt that

I deny that

I am afraid that...

Your thoughts become a reality so catch yourself when you are about to say something that is not serving you. Try and reframe it.

I spoke with a client about this the other day. She said that she is apologizing to other people often when she is behind with her workload or is literally standing in somebody's way. It's a habit of hers to apologize very easily. We went through the process of reframing her language, using language of appreciation of the other person rather lowering the vibe of herself with others. In reality that sounded like, "thank you for being so patient with waiting for my document," and "I appreciate you making space for me, you are very considerate towards others."

Notice how you connect differently with others through a simple change in language. This is called reframing in NLP.

For a long time, I was unaware that my language was in fact not bringing me to a place of joy and growth. I honestly thought that being critical was helping people and that being a bit cynical was quite funny...not!

Ester Hicks from Abraham/ Law of Attraction is a very influential leading voice in how we vibrationally align with what we want. She uses mainly language to teach how to live a life of ease and to be congruent with the physical laws of nature. She catches people very cleverly by their own BS and also tackles subjects which are pretty taboo on the whole. She calls being aligned with your desires to be "upstream, to be with the current rather than swimming against it."

These days I absolutely love hearing energizing and upbeat language. To manifest a future, which is full of nice surprises, miracles, prosperity, health, flow, inspired ideas and fun! Full of ease and joy. Allowing creative ideas to work their way into reality. Into actual things, activities and monetary reality (cash! lots of it!).

If you have the chance to watch the film THE SECRET, please watch it! It is an unfolding of our perception and neurology working for us. It is the most beautiful thing when you find out how it works and you can let go of the candle snuffers of guilt, anger and fear.

Sarah Morgan is a new generation Law of Attraction coach. She explains very well how we can work with what she calls "contrast" (when we feel bad) and how when we start getting good results with following what she calls "breadcrumbs" - we are actually getting on the right track to good results.

Sarah has succeeded in her relatively new career as a coach from a previous marketing role in the corporate world by manifesting a beautiful cottage and fabulous lifestyle with retreats and plenty of travel. Watch her on FB lives in Manifesting the Art of Manifesting. She has helped hundreds of people manifest their dreams, money and ideas. Sarah is very real and honest and this makes her relatable. I will add an affiliate link to her program soon. She is a fantastic coach so watch this space.

I trust that today you are manifesting and attracting a truly inspiring and innovative life for your work life and family life.

We manifest what we believe, not what we want.

Let's make sure our beliefs are serving us to our greater good!

In the words of Abraham Hicks, "You came forth to live happily ever after." What a delicious promise for us all!

You've got this!

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