How does music work to bring people forward? What does music do for us to experience growth?

How does Music work to bring people forward? What does music do for us to experience growth?

My love story with music is a very old one. Music is my inspiration, my elixir, my motivator, my comforter when I need one and my solution to most things.

Music to me is eternally dynamic, varied and endlessly creative.

What is your earliest memory of music? What is your strongest imprint of a happy memory to do with music?

For as long I can think of I have been on a journey of discovery with music.

Often as a child, I loved escaping into a world of sounds, song and nature. I grew up on a beautiful remote farm where there was a lot of freedom and time to practice my musical instruments. When I was a teenager I had the most brilliant time playing in a few bands with the nicest people you can imagine, we had sooo much fun!

In a sense music was always my emotional first aid kit. For a bit of oomph there was AC/DC, for contemplation and calm there was orchestral music, for empowerment there was great pop and for inspiration, I enjoyed accomplished composers like Steve Reich. Jazz from Pat Metheny and spiritual empowerment was and is easily available from Spirituals.

At times I REGULARLY catch myself falling into the all familiar, aaargh! Humans like certainty and our old brain likes to feel safe. It is somewhat boring though! Listening to the same old etc.

I train my brain now to ask other people for music they enjoy so I expand my brain and fill up on inspiration.

I also ask people all sorts of questions, how they experience this and that, what something means to them. I love learning from others.

Music plays a much more important role in our lives than we might think. Rhythm gives us stability, gives us grounding and connects us. Rhythms that are not double, half or in keeping with our heartbeat give us stress, have a negative effect on our health.

Research shows that mothers with an unregular/unrhythmic way of walking can produce children with speech impediments.

Rhythm and sounds are everywhere but we are not so conscious of it unless you really love it.

Unless you are really adoring language, beautiful voices, intonation, sounds and all that goodness!

The point of this blog is to absolutely go with what you love or discover new things that you are excited about. Because that truly keeps you alive, renews your enthusiasm and refreshes your inspiration. Since I spend more time playing music, singing and recording in the studio everything is easier. I am more in flow and relaxed. I am filled up with what I love so I am content and less critical.

What is it that you really love doing, what makes you really alive and you might want to do more of?

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Have an incredible week, world learners.

You are such Rockstars!

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