Your Personal Freedom Incubator

Empowering Women and Female Leaders

What would you say if I told you,

there is a SECRET FORMULA to create more PERSONAL FREEDOM in your life?


Personal Freedom

Be inspired, be proud of who YOU are, and what you do!

Are you frustrated and tired of not feeling appreciated for what you do?


Do you miss the days when you were so fired up for your life and career that you were literally bursting with creative ideas?


Do you sometimes ask yourself "Is this really it now, do I have to settle for how it is now... I always thought I had bigger dreams to fulfill?"

How much better would it be if you knew the solution to feeling lit up most of the time? 

Imagine if you were confident and certain in what you want to achieve now. If you had no doubts that you are really going places!

How brilliant would it look, feel, and sound if you create a lifestyle, career, or personality that has authority, gives you influence, and embodies who you truly are?

When you are free to express yourself, use the language you find meaningful, choose the aligned people you want to spend time with, and have choices...

When you give yourself permission to create something unique, it will fulfill your purpose and light you up so that you become a vessel for abundance. You step into your true identity and you feel good. You become in alignment with who you truly are. You feel really good about who you are and you want to have more of that feeling! You become a MAGNET to people and opportunities that are naturally attracted to who you truly are ... how great is that!?


I want to share with you how I shifted my energy

from "just getting by, wanting to do the right thing" and feeling numb to being inspired, having fun, being proud of who I am and what I do.

To be honest, I was not even aware that I was not valuing my skills nor honored my personality fully until about six years when a massive family crisis hit home. As a musical person, I absorbed the negative language around me and was unable to keep my own vibration intact. I people pleased and tried to fix other people's problems. I thought the problem was with everyone else but not with me! I was completely unable to experience my own joy or appreciate my own beauty, infinite creativity, and sharp intuition. I absorbed the judgments I received and did not question them. It was a very tiring time. I was in a prolonged survival mode and totally disregarded the fact that I had needs which were largely unmet.


When everything broke down around me, I started to form a new personality. I designed my life and decided what lifestyle I wanted to live, whom I wanted to spend time with. As I became more free energized and my creativity returned, I got very excited to turn my experiences into my own coaching brand. I invested in high-end coaches to help me to feel good and learn how to communicate effectively. I connected to women who were on a similar path from around the world. Life just got really really good, the fear subsided and the adventure of living a life with tons of PERSONAL  FREEDOM  just got better and better!

        So let me ask you these questions:     


For how much longer do you want to wait until you step into your personal power?

What makes you think that you can achieve your desire to feel free by yourself?

Has it worked so far?

The reason why I created Your Personal Freedom Incubator is that I have witnessed people to be empowered when you ask them the right questions.


You get very clear quickly on what you want. The thing is, you HAVE to have your needs met. That sets you free to create freedom in your life.

In the course, you are being guided to identify how exactly you want to experience your version of personal freedom.


This is very important so that it vibes really well with you.

You see, if you are a person who loves freedom then it's likely that you do not like to be told what to do, you like to discover what works best for you. You are very specific about what you really like.

So asking really good specific questions is going to get you breakthrough results!


Teresa C,  Civil Servant

"I felt very anxious and very closed off from my own power. I needed help with how to get unstuck. Siska's coaching sessions helped me to completely redefine how I viewed my situation and equipped me to feel empowered and playful about my future.

Flora K, Entrepreneur

"I was in a complete rut about finding a life partner. I had so many reasons why I was not going to find somebody. Then in a very short period of time of coaching with Siska, I got very clear on my vision and believe it or not - I attracted my life partner within a few weeks of the sessions ending. I am blissfully happy!

Claire A, Virtual Assistant

"Coaching with Siska helped me to answer the missing link of why I wanted to change my career. Being asked very good questions was a lot of fun and made me feel so much better than before. I was very worried about not find a career that fulfilled me. I really disliked my previous job so much and it got me down. Coaching helped me to have a lightbulb idea of my new purpose which feels a lot more me!

Testimonies of People who have worked with Siska Redman

This course is designed for people who feel stuck in their current situation and want to decide on a new focus for themselves. They want to reignite the fire in themselves and to be excited about a new vision for their future and to discover their hidden desires.

This course is written for people who love creativity and who require certainty that their path is the right one for them.

Your Personal Freedom Incubator is a course that is perfect for creating change in your life. You can use this course again and again in your life when you are going through change.


Are you ready to shed the undecisiveness and lethargy of doing the old today and are you excited to get clear on your new vision?



It is so good to create clarity and energy by having a new vision - more freedom means more choices for you!


You will be able to take the course and get massive value from it. Then every Wednesday evening you can connect with me on weekly live training on my Facebook page, Redman Coaching to go further on your journey or you can decide to be supported in our VIP 1:1 coaching programs.


We are here to help you and to invite you to our amazing community of freedom-loving creators. We are creating a compelling future and we live extraordinary lives.


It's time to feel strong, clear and full of certainty!

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