Are you tired of spending your days wishing you had been inspired and confident enough to turn things in your life around?

There is a way to discover how you can come closer to what makes you feel more free and inspired!

You will get a sense of certainty that you are getting to exactly where you're meant to be!

Imagine how great it will feel when you no longer apologise for who you are, and when you are no longer unsure about what exactly could make your heart sing! When you know that you are standing in your truth!



Decide on the degree of results you want to get from coaching to have an empowering impact in your life. There are three levels of offers available to you at the moment.


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6 Months Coaching


Siska is such a beautiful example of how to create your dream life by following the creativity within you and live your authentic amazing life. And become your own Rockstar!

Brigitte van Zaal

Love and Wealth Coach

Siska has a great high vibe energy which is a joy to be around and this enables you to absorb and learn from her in a very natural way. She supports you in a gentle way to let go of any fear keeping you from moving forward to expand. You have no choice but to uplevel when you're around her. 

Siska has helped me breakthrough self-limiting beliefs and guided me to start living instead of waiting for something life altering to happen. Siska is patient, full of life and laughter. Working with her is a pleasure and something I look forward to every day.

Lauren Goodman

Eve Brennan

Intuitive Success Coach and Entrepreneur, Exeter, UK