About Me

I am Siska!


I grew up on a beautiful small country hamlet in North Germany, surrounded by ponies, forest, lakes, cows, tractors and of course pianos and music!


I am indebted to my family to have always supported me in my artistic pursuits which have given me such an incredible foundation of knowledge, appreciation and the belief in endless possibilities.


My university education was fascinating, 4 years at Heidelberg including placements at cutting edge clinics in Germany and Switzerland. 3 years of tutorials at Heidelberg Medical School were devoured and the clinical excellence I was fortunate to receive in diagnostics and neurology were second to none. After graduating as a Clinical Music Therapist in 1993 I got married into the British Army and enjoyed living in Canada, Germany and England.


I cherish my two teenage children and of course the fact that I was able to experience a long marriage which was a beautiful experience for a very long time. The ending was shocking to me and I have recovered from it by waking up and being more conscious of valuing myself more, appreciating my strong skill set, learning to communicate better with the help of NLP and learning from other people.


I am a recovering codependent and am having fun designing my new chapter in life. My new NOW is filled with great joy, maximum creativity, a lot of fun, driving my own personal brand forward and meeting new amazing people in my coaching capacity from all over the world. My life today is in fact totally amazing.


It is not perfect but I am happy and full of ideas for the future!


Tony Robbins has been a great influence on my coaching practice and the spiritual entrepreneur Jessica Caver Lindholm has well and truly unleashed my musical creativity.


I enjoy attracting my clients. The people who work with me love


  • Freedom

  • Creativity &

  • Wealth


and they appreciate my coaching being underpinned with a firm foundation of clinical and artistic excellence to feel safe and guided to a magnificent future. They are going places!


We have a lot of fun during a coaching call because we adore creativity and stepping up as a conduit of change!


I am especially excited about my new 6 week, 3 month and 6 month VIP Coaching Programs at the London Soho Houses and online. The private clubs invite you to feel good as you step through the door and what a gorgeous environment it is to work there together and move you forward into your desired future!


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I am so happy and full of gratitude that you are here. My Midlife Rockstar tribe is simply amazing!




Siska Redman FH, MTA

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner





Are you ready to start living your best life?