The Flamingo VIP 1:1 Coaching Program

7 weeks from Chronic Overgiving to stepping into the Garden of Eden

For the driven woman determined to go forward but somehow always ended up in repeated cycles of fatigue, feeling stuck and unappreciated. 

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It's FINALLY time for you to truly believe in yourself!

Believe that you can choose to transform into an immensely powerful woman and leave the old habits of overgiving and low feelings behind once and for all!

Your kindness has often been unappreciated and you have asked yourself many times why a good person like you is not more successful in her career or love life ... it is a complete and utter mystery to you!

We have developed the magic formula for you to catapult you once and for all into a different reality, a new reality of empowered freedom, love and creativity. Sounds good, right?

We have seen so many women suffering from playing small and not demanding the attention that they truly desire!

You see, I was that woman not so long ago who thought that I was helping people by putting my needs last. I thought that I was "being nice" when everyone was so busy, not to bother them. I thought I would get rewarded for "fitting in" and not "causing waves" – how wrong was I!

The truth is that I lost myself, I became in my response predictable and I became numb with pain, I lost energy and drive. And to be honest, I never had real self-worth in the first place. 

I had to learn the hard way and without any expert advice that the true reason for not having the life I wanted was that I was in fact masking low self-esteem with overgiving to others. 


And then my precious family unit collapsed. It was so very painful. And there was nobody to turn to for me who could really help me to feel better!

I don't want you to have to wait for years and get mediocre results getting out of overgiving – no! You deserve a quick transformation to end the era of wasting time. 

To really help you, we have developed the Flamingo Program.

What is the Flamingo Program giving you?

The program covers seven intense powerful 1:1 sessions where you will receive help to get to the root cause of your current habits and beliefs. 

You will become very clear why you are repeating certain behaviours and attract similar scenarios in your life.

Your outlook on life and the way you think will change dramatically and very quickly. You will feel more alive, more communicative and have a much better understanding of your patterns of acting and feeling.

Your gifts and unique emotional needs are being nurtured more and more as you design the desired mindset that serves you, lights you up and enables you to take action without having to ask for permission any more.

Your vitality increases and life begins to become playful and you are turned on by who you are really becoming. You are no longer looking for constant external validation from others. You laugh a lot and people are connecting with you like a magnet.

Life is finally good again! By the end of the seven weeks, you are a completely transformed woman ... you have arrived in the beautiful Garden of Eden! Your energy is hypnotic. You are like a magnet because you are so aligned with who you always wanted to be!

The BONUS of this program is outstanding!

A very powerful music track composed for you alone and sound engineered in a professional studio that consolidates the emotional peak state that you want to live in as often as possible! The music track is pure gold!

The music is your shortcut to feeling great by just pressing the button of your audio player, wherever you are and whenever you need it, amazing Creator!

All of this is available to you if you choose to ... and if you are committed to doing the work!

Our clients have shed their difficult stories and accelerated fast into the woman they are proud to be today. Today they share their talents with the world and it is a great privilege to know them.

Does this sound like something you need right now? Are you committed to leave low feelings behind once and for all and change into the woman you always wanted to be?

Then get in touch with us today to arrange a free 20-minute discovery call! I cannot wait to hear from you and start this journey with you!

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