Blogging in October - The power of positive references

Half term's weather is wet and cold, I was rather hoping for some sunny balmy days basking in the sun. Today I'm blogging from one of my favorite places, At the Chapel in Bruton / Somerset. It is a modern boutique hotel in an old converted chapel, with generous space, amazing food and plenty of light. This is a great day! One of the really important things we highlight in coaching is having positive references and experiences that give us meaning. When we are in transition and work or relationships are testing, we need to create experiences that are most likely to bring us happiness, connection and growth. Going to connect with family for a weekend, a trip away, a new place to visit, a new hobby to discover or cooking a dish that you will totally love. Maybe a walk in a place you have been wanting to go to for years?

I was speaking about one of my favorite things I have done in recent years. I loved going to New York with my son Ivo at May half term a little while ago. I had never been and it had always been a BIG dream of mine. 

My divorce was a huge blow to morale, I needed something glamorous and dynamic to experience with my children. We stayed in a hotel right opposite Central Park, it was incredible!

The weather was unexpectedly hot which was a great bonus! We took the train to get a guided tour of Yale University, walked to Greenwich village, visited the Metropolitain Museum of Modern Art, watched the Ellen DeGeneres show, saw streetdancers, were humbled by the 9/11 monument and soaked up the atmosphere of this creative vibrant city. I wrote some melodies on a huge rock in central park and Ivo loved Time Square and chosing the latest Nike trainers.

One evening we had supper under a sun porch when a huge summer storm broke out. We were sheltered and warm and watched the busy New York world go by! I have a warm glow within me, thinking about that trip. I'm so grateful we experienced it, it was simply adorable! It can be other experiences, too, that give us fire in our belly and restore energy when we need it. Like a new walking route with a view in beautiful sunshine.

Don't wait too long putting rituals in place that make sure your needs are met. Strive towards what you want rather than highlighting the things you don't want. I wonder what is your favorite thing? Please share with our fellow world learners.

Lots of love to you all!x


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