How to be a detective of your true desires

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

When you have decided that you will become happy, there is a sense of urgency. When the realization of "I need to get myself happy" has finally hit home, the Divine Goddess feels depleted, tired, unclear and anxious.

Your body and soul have suffered for a little too long and cracks in the foundation have appeared. Self-care has been thrown out of the window, the intentional swim or yoga sessions were replaced with more coffee and answering emails so that they did not really happen. You can download my free meditation here, Surrender To Succeed.

Is it the result of our current pandemic or is it a repeated cycle you have experienced before, on and off?

Well, roll up your sleeves and draw a line in the sand...

TIME TO GET REALLY REALLY HAPPY – yey! So how do we do that exactly? We start off with:

  • Writing out all our deepest desires on a piece of paper, name 10 of them.

  • Have a lot of fun with the above, go big!

  • Becoming aware of where we people please against our core values.

  • Become familiar with good journal prompts.

  • Start taking radical responsibilities for our own undesired behaviour and change it.

  • Writing down our goals and writing down what our precise non-negotiable needs are.

  • If this above is tricky, resort to meditation.

But above all, know that once you have drawn a line in the sand and you commit to investing in a modality you believe in like coaching, you will harvest happiness and growth eventually.

You will feel an ease in your body, your ideas will flow freely and you will feel fully supported. You will trust yourself like never before! You will smile often and you will send out a magnetic energy. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Our new online course, Your Personal Freedom Incubator, is a great way of working in a constructive and fun way towards your desire to feel free. Check out the link here.

The era of the Divine Feminine has been activated and all over the world women are shedding their old stories and beliefs. Women rise to become influencers, leaders, business owners, peacemakers and highly creative artists. When will you be one of them?

We currently have three spaces for our 3 months VIP Coaching available – if this speaks to you and you need support right now, get in touch for a free 15-minute discovery call. We have a 10% discount on this offer until September 21st, 2020. Find out more here.

Sending love and great vibes to everyone who is reading this. Thank you for connecting here, I truly appreciate your time and you being in my community!

Stay in touch for upcoming coaching workshops, vocal workshops and connect with us on our Monday and Wednesday 7 pm Facebook and Instagram live streams.

Be a Divine Creator,


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