January Blog - The power of belief

Over the past year the meaning of our beliefs has really grabbed my attention and filled me with a sense of wonder. It is fact that our beliefs have enormous impact on us.

So what is a belief? A belief is a thought that you have thought very often. Either your family of origin passed this on to you or you had an experience that made you shape a belief. An example for this is that you believed achieving good grades at a particular subject at school is possible when you put a lot of effort in.

Another belief would be that you will always have a good relationship with your children. Then there are beliefs that have been shattered and we look at things through a new lens - for example after a relationship break down I am able to be an empowered and desirable partner.

It is when you have a strong belief and certainty that this is going to manifest in your life because all your communication and thoughts are geared up for it. You can literally achieve anything with a strong belief!

As we navigate through life we can form beliefs that no longer serve us, without realizing it. Sometimes our beliefs need a severe updating because they can harm us and prevent us from thriving! I'm going to have more time to devote to my career now, my son Ivo has left home and my daughter Mia is 17! They both amaze me every day. We plan more travel this year after a family Xmas in Germany.

I have a colleagues who often tells me about a workshop a friend held - she says it convinced her that she could sing which was something she was sure not to be able to do. Her eyes glow as she tells me the story; it fills her with energy and empowerment. It was a belief changer; it really set energy free for her!

As I'm completing my online course on Transformation launching on February 19th we are smashing through limitations and are discovering new beliefs we want to form - about relationships, wealth, emotional wellbeing or physical health. I'm writing the course slightly differently for women and men and offer separate closed Facebook groups for the course. We are going to have online live calls where people can connect and learn from each other while I coach each individual live. Get in touch or tell a friend if this sounds interesting, it's going to be fun! It will be a 6 weeks course with 4 live calls for £245 transforming lives.

I wish you all the most amazing 2018 filled with miracles, joy and that you and your family are in good health and full of new plans! Here is to the Seekers!

Love, Siska

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