Life gets better and better - learn the exact tools to sustain momentum

When pretty much everything in your life is humming along, you are having so much fun, and you have that spring in your walk, opportunities, an abundance of energy and high vibe are yours - voila! You will have undoubtedly created this by the decisions you have made. Decisions shape your destiny. Decisions also act as a clear boundary.

A clear signal that THIS IS THE WAY ITS DONE NOW and IT'S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY - haha, such a good saying! For example: Think of a person you admire personally or in business and think about how they convey the qualities you love about them.

Chances are they are very clear about who they are, how they prioritize and they are not always available. I let my community know that I am available for seven weeks or 3 months packages and enjoy making the pricing conversations on Messenger with voice messages. So, you value your time when you are in the flow and on top of your game.

You safeguard your time and energy with loving compassion and protect yourself against energy vampires. Energy vampires pay you late on purpose, need your constant attention, enjoy attention without an outcome, love drama and can be high functioning addicts.

Once you identify these patterns in people surrounding you, you are not angry or want to rectify things. You are not available for it any longer. To maintain flow and sustain momentum, concentrate on what works. Try to mute what does not work in your internal dialogue.

How do we sustain momentum?

1. Get enough sleep. What is your need for rest? Meet your needs.

2. Spend time in nature daily, it re-energizes you and fills up your cup with witnessing natural beauty. Do you have favorite places, favorite views, favorite beaches, popular magical walking routes? Schedule them in.

3. Feed your mind with uplifting and new knowledge. Read daily. Successful people read at least 30 min daily. If you are an auditory learner, listen to audio books. Ask your friends what they enjoy reading and why.

4. Coffee and a bit of shopping! Allow fun! Do you love that new coffee shop, do you feel great in that gorgeous bookshop with that fantastic sofa or is it just so nice having a look at that new shoe shop? Allow for pleasure.

5. Eat well. I know this can be a tricky one for many of us. I read a fantastic line the other day - how can you expect to live a magnificent life if you don't feed yourself with superb food? Hands up, I want to improve on this one myself.

6. Move your body daily for at least 30 min. This can be walking. Your lymphatic system needs to move on toxins in your body to keep you healthy and avoid acidity to give you arthritis and other health hazards. Try and stick to an alkaline diet and get moving.

7. Balance your week with social and quiet time according to your needs. Discover your needs, are you a highly extrovert person or do you thrive in hermit mode? Remember, nobody is always high vibe. When we are feeling more thoughtful or tired, it is essential for us to take time out.

Don't judge it, get grumpy with others or play the blame game. You are developing new perspectives from your quiet periods, don't push pain down. It's just a message. Learn from it. I'm super excited about your success and your momentum stories!

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Siska x

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