Let's tackle the big subject of our times - anxiety! How to keep it at bay, what it means and wh

Anxiety is something which most people experience at various times in their lives. It has many faces and is triggered by various things.

It might show up as poor sleep, nausea, IBS, compulsive habits, vertigo, panic attacks, stress or the dreaded free-floating anxiety. The spectrum is wide, from only slightly experienced to more severe forms which need professional help. Post Traumatic Stress definitely requires treatment and Neuro Linguistic Programming is a highly effective tool for relief here.

In 2018 we are very clever and we experience an individual's personality firstly as a gift. Gone are the blame and shame days, high five!

As a thought leader who is starting a revolution by promoting a compelling midlife, I know that it is not a good idea to swim against the current and trying to stop the natural flow.

It is more resourceful (we use this word in Neuro Linguistic Programming often, it means that you develop the ability to choose how to respond). It is more resourceful to be conscious of it, we observe it and then we find out what its meaning is.

Anxiety is also showing you what you fear, highlighting areas in your life that you find overwhelming, or where you need some more healing, tools and empowerment. It might seem uncomfortable but when you conquer some anxieties in your life, you feel more energy. You live in the present moment. And overcoming some limiting beliefs sets you free and is incredibly liberating.

Examples for a limiting belief are, "I cannot have a debate with a good outcome, I rather give in than have a constructive conversation" or "I will never have a romantic relationship with a quality man because they are all taken".

I had spouts of anxiety as a teenager at school when teachers bullied me. I felt so helpless and also I have always experienced difficulties reproducing auditory memory, memorizing poems for example. A song would be dead easy for me to remember but spoken words not at all. Being unprotected during conflict has been a source of anxiety in my entire life which I am now healing gradually in order for others not to invade my boundaries.

Our central nervous system in this digital age is constantly aroused and alert. One of the side effects of that is some level of anxiety.

Here is the thing: Ask yourself what are you avoiding when you are reacting with anxiety?

Could it be, for example, that you avoid the resolution of conflict? When you are avoiding sharing your opinions and thoughts with others you are undoubtedly also avoiding connection and teamwork with others.

And what are you avoiding by not allowing the connection? Is it that you avoid the true expression of yourself and intimacy, or something else?

This exercise is a powerful tool to intellectually grasp what the real reason for anxiety is, got it? My followers have a great need for intelligent discourse and for going deep.

To avoid and tackle excruciating anxiety we need to allow enough rest to restore our systems. It's a good idea for you to find some activities that you find really relaxing, like meditation, fitness, walking in nature, yoga, cooking, travelling. Do what works for you.

Do whatever "breaks your pattern of producing anxiety" so you can feel gratitude, joy, elevation, pride, belonging, love, affection, humour and a deep sense of peace. You are a true rockstar and made up of stardust, keep thriving for the pot of gold and for true happiness. You truly deserve it!

The more regularly you schedule "elevated emotions" into your day as a non negotiable part of your day, the more your neurology is building neuropathways for a firm wiring of a good emotional state.

I can trace anxiety in my family of high achievers all the way through the generations to my grandfather. In fact, the highest achiever (I define that by an extremely fulfilled personal life and an amazing career path with a PhD credential) in my family has battled excruciating anxiety in his late teens to the extent of collapsing in front of the wheel in the car, and overcome it!

I, myself, am conscious of being an anxious person in certain circumstances. But I love the other side of the coin of being highly creative and an intuitive person. I have learnt to use my anxiety to break through my own limitations and I live a badass fulfilled midlife - I have an amazing relationship with my kids, I totally love my career and have an amazing network of friends. I adore travel. I use my anxious tendencies to search for more freedom and expression, I give it a creative voice by writing, asking questions and writing music. I'm gonna be very wealthy from using the inspiration of my own anxiety! That's a wrap!

Now, I would really love to hear what your thoughts and experiences are with this subject. It's a biggie. Get in touch - we are starting a revolution!

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