What's up with romance?

Love and romance have been a HUGE interest of mine forever and ever. It is the spice of life, the mysterious force that cannot be explained or rationalized. It is also a deeply personal thing.

When I was married I got really excited to produce this total feel good "in love" feeling, like pressing a button. I was really good at how I could produce that "in love feeling" in an instant and it lasted for a good 18 years - that's pretty good going I reckon!

I have enjoyed becoming independent despite the fact that my personality had a LOT of resistance against it. I had a habit of liking certainty and staying with the familiar. I have enjoyed being open to welcome change and uncertainty because complete certainty is like a fear-based straitjacket which expects a certain outcome. And that is boring. We are not boring, right? No way!

Now I love growth and becoming increasingly successful. Nothing excites me more than seeing my contemporaries uplevel and coming up with new hot content and ideas. Seeing people flourish, happy, satisfied and alive is my greatest joy, having witnessed their journey.

Actually, I love the subject of attracting a soulmate so much that I might steer towards some dating coaching in the future!

A while back Redman Coaching did a superb, I thought, interview with the incredible Teri Martin from Love for the Underdog. Teri has a formula which you can download for free and I had an aha moment while doing it. It was EPIC.

Check her out, she is good! https://www.lovefortheunderdog.com/ or watch the full video on my YOUTube channel: https://youtu.be/iTyMHJr_V4s.

Please subscribe to it so we can spread the message of high vibe midlife!

I am increasingly interested in spiritual matters and relying more on my intuition, how about you?

Do you trust your intuition or only sometimes? How do you make decisions? How and where do you feel and know that you make the right decision or do you like others to make a decision for you? Decisions shape our future like nothing else.

In love and relationships, we have had three powerful partial lunar eclipses this summer. This might mean that old patterns and unhealed things have come back to the surface. Many people have felt heavy energies around their "life purpose and path" and it has been a great opportunity for growth to those who have allowed it - to go deep into uncomfortable waters. Not to push it away.

Many people have reported that they are having big transformations and that 2018 is a year of big changes for them. For the good!

We are currently in a phase of "integration" where we implement all our learning from the summer which is still continuing.

Healing is not linear.

I feel strongly that many of us are currently called to look at our relationships, both in friendships and in romance in a different light - what is strong and will continue, and where do we shed the weight and better disconnect because a relationship is no longer good for us? How do we want to show up?

It is a time of great clarity and magical creation - for me a bit like a mini Christmas! I am so so excited about the future and what is unfolding ahead of me.

I encourage you not to be afraid of searching for your truth, and if you somehow feel unfulfilled search more! Don't allow others to silence you when you want to transform.

And how can you be more YOU, how can you bring out that beautiful uniqueness that is YOU?

And how would you speak, live and love when you are fully embodying YOU? What would you wear, where would you work, with whom would you connect and how would you choose to speak to your children when you are really YOU? And since I am German after all and love cars (ha) - which car would you drive? What colour? The list is endlessly exciting...

Believe me, I have really put the work into transforming my limiting beliefs and investing a small fortune into high-level coaching. It has really paid off, the last bit of my journey is a very steep success phase. I am super excited that you are part of the journey! And I love it x

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