The power of being you! Why owning your bright parts and your shadow self together makes you especia

The power of being you!

Hi there, everyone! How are you and how is it all going for you at the moment?

I trust that you are having a great autumn...three more months of opportunities to transform your life into that of your desires!

There is an expression which is floating around often in the self-development world at the moment - being in alignment - what is that?

When we are fully us, we are also fully in alignment with ourselves.

It is a state of being where you are happy, content, resourceful and accepting yourself fully. No longer apologizing for your "bad" parts (just out of interest, who has highlighted your "bad" bits most, you yourself or another person? Your mother-in-law?

In alignment means living your core values - how you love, how you speak, how you work, how you speak to your kids, how you speak to your friends, how you feel in your body, what you eat, how you spend your money, how you take care of yourself.

How compassionate you are with yourself when things go unexpectedly, how quickly you can move into a space of grace when you have made a mistake.

When you no longer beat yourself up relentlessly to overcompensate for your utter brilliance...?

Being in alignment does not mean to be perfect. To have an extraordinary life requires a dash of growth and uncertainty. You can change your mind, change your focus and opinions at any time! When you get bored, feel frazzled or disinterested is the time when you have grown - give yourself full permission to be that sexy beast (I'm chuckling at this point!) - you can be a badass that allows change.

It doesn't feel good to meet somebody else's needs at the expense of not having your needs met. That would throw you permanently out of alignment.

When we feel the need to please and "keep it all together" for keeping the peace, this might show up as a need to gossip, numbing yourself with food or alcohol, not stepping into your true power and receiving satisfaction for what you really desire. In my case being permanently in a low-level anger vibration without even realizing it. Scrap that rubbish! I have stepped up for good!

But what it also is - is not allowing to have faith in the total goodness of our intentions, not allowing to create your own ideas, not allowing to disagree, not noticing when you are truly bored and not being fricking excited about your environment. And we are no saddos, no we're not. We are Rockstars of midlife, we are lightworkers! We are happy, healthy and bringing out our creative powers to lead!

As change makers who invest in our own healing and success, we lean more and more into alignment.

Alignment is the antidote to addiction. Many lightworkers are at the last stretch of their healing journey when they are conscious of their still addictive behaviour but they are determined to get to the healing stage. If you are interested in this, please follow Allan Kleynhans. Allan is one of Tony Robbins’ top UK coaches and he speaks openly about the phase in his life when he would still party all week and then turn up at self-development events at weekends. Follow his lives on his page, Allan is a modern influencer and incredibly gifted speaker with a big heart.

When we are happy and excited about the creative potential which is within ourselves rather than always chasing external things like objects, clothes, cars, holidays or connections - we relax and allow a truly promising future.

Check in with yourself - what does your soul need today? Does it need sweetness, rest or community?

Deepak Chopra says so fittingly that when we are aligned with ourselves we become immensely attractive towards others - own it, allow vulnerability to ultimately achieve beautiful connections within your family, work and in a romantic partnership.

I am your biggest fan, you haven't found my page by chance and I love seeing your transformation. I'm loving mine and I'm really going places - I am in a beautiful place right now. Join me and we will rise together!

Siska x

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