The power of words

The power of words

The power of words holds a magical key to how we experience this moment and how we shape our future.

Whether you find using language effectively easy or tricky, we cannot get around the fact that language is hugely important. Having the intention to uplevel your communication skills all the time is a great attitude to have when it comes to enjoying great rapport with people.

Think of a person you like spending time with and think about how they use language. Chances are that you really enjoy what they say to you or others and you like the way they write emails or messages to you.

The reason for this is that the language they use makes you feel GOOD.

The vocabulary other people use determines how you feel. The more auditory your brain is wired (responding very strongly to what you hear rather than being visual which would be to what you see) the more likely you need to be in an environment which conveys positive language or sounds that make you feel good.

I love the exercise which Tony Robbins suggests: Using incantations to prep your mind to achieve what you want to be or do. The idea of incantations is that you hardwire your brain for success. That by living the incantation you feel it already, you believe it now since believing is key.

An example for an incantation is:

"I am a beautiful creator of innovative ideas for myself and others. I can and will do one thing at a time."

"I now command my subconscious mind to create a reality that is absolutely committed to change and growth."

Ideally, you print it out, hang it somewhere on the wall where you see it well and say it out loud several times a day to get results.

This motivates you and gives you certainty when you need it!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a brilliant technique to work on language skills.

What are the words that move you forward, that make you decide, that inspire you, that energize you or make you laugh?

Use that language more for sure and surround yourself with people whose language you enjoy.

Notice the language that has a negative effect on you, might trigger you or get you down? Do you remember something negative about certain sayings and words?

Either give them a new meaning or avoid using them, we want you to feel joyful and free most of the time!

It's an amazing thing to have choices and taking full advantage of it. When we step up and create space for new experiences and growth we are actively creating the most magical energy around us. It's very useful to create new experiences for us in our working lives in order to avoid burnout and fatigue doing the same old stuff. We need routine as humans but to keep us fully alive and experience growth we need enjoyment and allow new experiences.

If you are feeling burnout creeping up on you, don't hesitate to contact me. I have recently changed a few routines in my own practice to create headspace, fun and room for creativity which has totally turned around how I show up in my career. And it was really easy to implement this!

Allowing is the new creative bio hack for sure! I like it!

Siska x

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