The shining light of an inspiring network

The shining light of an inspiring network

My massive recent upgrade in joy and abundance is in direct proportion to the quality and size of my support network. My network encourages my growth. Over the last three years, it has been incredible to attract people into my life who show me how to communicate effectively and in a fun way, sell without pressure and to set healthy boundaries.

If I think back I have to say that taking part in online self development courses has paved the way to meet the majority of this incredible new group of people. People who invest in themselves have a REAL desire to achieve change in specific areas and to step up their game.

Growth and authenticity is always a fun energy to be around!

It‘s just brilliant to see people rise, follow their journey and to be surprised about their latest move in personal perspective and offerings that pop out of the blue.

A good dash of a surprise is always so inspiring to me, I love it! When a friend in my community has done particularly well (whatever that is, it might be success, it might be a decision), it‘s a brilliant reminder of how immensely powerful it is to take charge in order to interrupt the familiar pattern of comfort and slight boredom. To assert ourselves and trust our inner guidance. To give yourself unapologetic permission to change your mind and go for something new! Try something different and go with your gut!

My wide network in my Tony Robbins community (people who have invested to attend Tony Robbins’ life changing four day event in London, Unleash the Power Within with whom I am connected via a closed Facebook group) is still by far the most energetic group of people I connect with. My latest collaboration with the entrepreneur and coach Jessica Caver Lindholm from Colorado has also brought the most incredible female entrepreneurs into my life. What an incredible bunch of international creative people to learn from!

Your community definitely lifts you higher. They act as a sounding board and as an accelerator once you are committed to uplevel your life.

You hold the power to make decisions and to invest in yourself. If you shy away from investing in yourself, you are likely to stay with the familiar. Nobody will stretch you. Yes, you will be comfortable but it is unlikely that you will be making quantum leaps.

To be perfectly honest, I‘m only available for two types of people now: the very kind and happy with themselves or the passionate changemakers with a big dash of compassion who work hard on their own healing and success story.

I‘m looking forward to a VIP Mastermind in Dublin for the most incredible day with 10 other coaches and female entrepreneurs from all over the world at the Conrad Hotel. It will be such an amazing opportunity to hear the stories about these women and how their personality fits in with their deep mission and brand to serve people and influence thousands. Yes, I took action to say yes to all this and it‘s paying off tenfold. And that‘s how I like it! It‘s all about allowing.

2018 is a BIG year for healing and an opportunity to have another go at things. We are currently in a phase of Venus Retrograde until mid November where things from the past are coming back to us very strongly. That can be an intense experience. If we plaster over it and numb ourselves with shopping, food, sex or people pleasing we do not grow. Surrender to learning, surrender to going deep. I promise you it will pay off!

Commit to reaching out to supportive people who inspire you and spur you on to be the most extraordinary human being because that is what you truly are.

“You get to be the architect of your own future, so design your future with uncompromising sincerity”

D. Mridha

Sending you love,

Siska x

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