Returning to self - the new uplevel!

Phew, it's been kind of intense recently, right? Plenty of activity, growth, interaction and people doing inspiring things around me and I am sure around you, too. Because there is a global change going on at the moment and many people sense this (yes, I am a bit weird). It works really well for me, increasingly!

We are lighting up the rules in how we...

ought to do things

should do things

must do things in business

(I yawn already reading those words, to be honest it makes me want to throw up lol.)

Because what works so much better for many people and what feels and looks much more energizing are the values of...

inspired output







allowing uncertainty/surprise

Of course, we need good social skills, want to always elevate our ability to communicate well and ask amazing questions.

Have systems in place to protect people so we feel safe in business and have standards that we abide by. But my point is: We are currently evolving. There is a new dawn of awakening, we are done with fear based drivers in business (e.g. "You must buy this before that disaster happens", "you don't want this and that to destroy your life so you have to do or buy this and that"). The more we focus on fear the more we will attract it into our lives. It gets us nowhere really amazing. It will give us a fairly ordinary life.

Well, scrap that! I am not available for that, are you!? I am only available for a truly extraordinary life. I am done with pain. It has taught me many lessons, really really tough ones for me and my children. And now I am done with it.

I am available for creative systems which are innovative, keep people safe and happy and might sound a little weird. My followers and people I connect with respect that and I learn from my crowd, for sure!

Mastin Kipp is an American author, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. He is highly successful and a truly recovered addict, larger than life! He exposes how we divert from being ourselves and lose ourselves in the process.

I love Mastin's retweet from @nayyirahwaheed which is so relevant to me at the moment when I explore new avenues in my coaching brand, create wealth for my family and also try to pick up new knowledge from other inspiring people like you.

"The greatest teacher will send you back to yourself."

We need to check in with ourselves to show up as that most authentic version of ourselves. When we fully do that other people get us and that is fabulous for business.

I am spending a bit of extra time with me for the next week, in hermit mode, because I need to lean into this time period of change where there is transformation. I don't want to swim against the current but ultimately be fully available with you all as we uplevel together, in life and business.

Have presence in the new era.

How do you return to yourself and be hip when you have lost yourself a bit in stress and doing too much for others?

Do you need more people around you to give you feedback or do you need time for yourself?

What do you need to see, hear and feel to be more yourself?

What are your behaviours to avoid being with yourself?

I have my decision, I am going for being with myself party for the next week!

Wishing you a super week, thought leaders, doers and change makers of this planet. I thank you and I admire you.

Siska x

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