The benefits of meditation

The benefits of meditation

Meditation is, without any doubt, becoming more and more popular. Have you tried it and how did you first come across it? Or have you never tried it?

We know from MRI scanning how meditation lights up specific areas of the brain and helps to keep stress levels down.

The power of spoken words ("guided meditation") combined with music is a potent cocktail to relax, lessen anxiety and gain headspace in order to have emotional freedom to feel good and make good decisions.

Meditation is something that requires practise, however. It's like a muscle that needs exercising and works better with repetition and routine.

Many people experience meditating without a physical structure like that of yoga as a bit awkward, especially men who tend to be more goal orientated on the whole. This also applies to women who prefer structure as a model for learning.

The question when we want something new, like...

  • a habit

  • a feeling

  • a resourceful state of mind

is that what we ultimately want? It could be a better connection with yourself leading to...

  • a change in career

  • a complete change in your attitude / how you communicate

  • a change in your belief system

  • a different way to how you talk to your children

  • a new relationship

  • a new lifestyle

  • a new house

  • a new community

I'm on an inner journey at the moment, to be honest. I find this time period at the moment is calling us to face our real hero and with that comes facing the shadow side as well. There is something going on in the cosmos which is about being put on the spot.

Meditation helps me to tune into my creativity which is my big pot of gold, both monetary and in terms of personal fulfilment. Period.

I can make millions with my creativity, both writing text, coaching and writing music. I know that for certain.

Meditation helps me to get clear on my real desires for the future as I prep my next chapter. It's gonna be so good, it's good already! The little bumps are just little reminders of how to appreciate the immense goodness!

But this is not a space to bang on about me. It is a space to inspire you and say things that you cannot quite say.

This is also a space where you can experience what we call "contrast". Identify what you definitely do not want! That is good to know! I do not expect my audience to agree with me - if you are becoming curious about how you can really meet your needs then that is always good!

Ways to start a meditation practise

Do you want to? Cool, then please head to my Instagram at Redman_Coaching where you can share your experiences for the next week.

So...for the next 7 days try to commit to at least 10 minutes a day of meditation.


  1. Put nice music on, only melody, no lyrics

  2. Create a feeling of space for 10 minutes

  3. Create a feeling of comfort, expectation and acceptance within yourself

  4. Breathe deeply in through the nose, out through the mouth

  5. Concentrate on how you want to feel - what you want to see, hear and feel, maybe even smell. You attract what you believe so make this vision your main focus (e.g peace, creativity, energy)

  6. Don't get frustrated when thoughts and images distract you, just acknowledge them briefly and let them go...

I remember a former client telling me that he really disliked meditating in a group when he had to commit to it for a period of time. With time he said he valued it hugely as a daily practise that became non-negotiable - allow uncertainty!

It really boils down to the decision that you need change, that you are done with stress, that you need peace and definite peace at some stage in your day. Unless you make a decision and commit time to daily habits, nothing changes.

The fascinating thing is that you have the power to calibrate in your neurology how you want to feel. When you practise daily how calm and resourceful you want to feel, you have the power to return to that state of mind very quickly when you need it.

Is this of interest to you?

Siska x


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