How to manifest - become a pro at it!

How to Manifest!

Do you hear the words manifesting and law of attraction used often in the media at the moment? What does it mean and how can we use it?

Think about something you really wanted to happen and you successfully brought it into fruition in the past. How did you do that, you powerful person?

Think about whether it was easy for you to do, how long it took. What do you think was the magic ingredient why it worked? Did you have fun with it, or maybe you were in such a great mood that everything just fell into place? I wonder what really worked for you and what meaning you give it.

You have the power to manifest something you truly desire.

How does this work?

First of all, manifestation requires clarity. How clear are you that you...

- really want for example the new job, the new romantic relationship, the new house?

Or is your energy what we call split, do you have thoughts like, "Oh, I might not manage the commute to my new job", "My children will resent me if I choose so and so as my next partner", "The bigger house might actually be too expensive for me to run". If your energy is not clear and split in regards to what you want to truly manifest, you will not receive it.

Make sure you are crystal clear with what you want.

If you like certainty and things being fairly predictable, this is particularly important. In case you are a person who likes surprises and thrives on uncertainty, you can manifest a more "wider call into the world" - for example by stating, "I receive collaboration from many people who want to team up with me in my profession".

Write down your wish and take the necessary action steps to get there. Sitting on the sofa, looking at Facebook every 5 minutes or drinking coffee won't get you there. Neither will talking badly about other people or watching Netflix… just saying. What will get you there, though?

And here is the other ingredient that I personally have found to be invaluable: Don't tell people about it until it's done!

If you tell people about your plan / wish, they will give you unwanted feedback. That might make you doubt yourself because they are responding from their view of the world (eg "You mustn't think that it is so easy to get a new job in 2019, you know!", "All good men are taken as life partners already, only the useless ones are left!", "The wealthy people can always buy the nice houses, everything is always easier for them, don't think YOU can buy it just like that!" - hmm, this kind of feedback will not get you to your desired destination quickly!

Trust your intuition. Is it really fitting for you in terms of what you want to manifest? Yes? Brilliant! Then go for it...

- embody it

- speak as if it has already come into fruition

- see yourself moving and feeling like you have already reached your goal

- anchor the feeling of utter certainty in your body



When you believe with total conviction that your wish is beautifully aligned with yourself and your values, your future therefore naturally gravitates towards you.

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There is nothing as exhilarating as feeling totally free, being creative and embodying wealth!


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