Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Hello everyone!

In 2019 there is so much choice available to us! It can be interesting to note what really catches our eye and what new knowledge comes along that totally resonates with us. I find Gary V very funny and refreshing to watch at the moment because he is so hilariously uncompromising in his beliefs. As a balance, I follow many soulpreneurs as we call them, entrepreneurs with a spiritual or highly creative component. Whom do you follow and who inspires you?

NLP is a communication system I came across about 9 years ago and is something I rate very highly. It has brought me immense clarity, logic and growth. It is a system which is used to improve communication, establish rapport, find solutions and bring out the best in people.

NLP is applied neurology. It works with the biology of how the brain processes events and we give those events a meaning. The aim is to give events from the past a meaning that empowers us for the future rather than crushes our drive. This is why NLP and Hypnotherapy are so effective in trauma work, it simply overrides painful experiences and gives the individual the power to reframe the experience. This is relevant.

NLP identifies how you communicate and how you interpret the world with our unique filters.

It speaks about representational systems which are unique to every person. Are you a…

  • visual learner

  • auditory

  • kinaesthetic

  • olfactory or

  • a gustatory learner?

Do you want to find out?

Then click here to take the NLP Representational Systems test.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is used in sales and in leveraging decisions with pacing methods and skilled language. You will be highly skilled in many of those areas without realising that you are using NLP skills.

NLP is a brilliant system to use when it comes to these four areas:

Rapport - how to establish resourceful communication with people you naturally vibe with and those you find difficult to engage with.

Sensory Awareness - Utilising your senses, what makes you tick and others to get effective results.

Outcome - Be precise about what you want to achieve and how to exactly use language in order to receive feedback from others.

Flexibility - In language and behaviour in order to get great results with your community. To be open and not expect a certain outcome with rigidity. This is where real excellence and practise makes the difference and you can spot the gifted NLP communicator! (source Bristol NLP).

A few years ago, I sat next to the wife of a famous sports personality during a supper. I had no idea who she was but I could tell that she was very tired with a young baby at home. She gave all the signals of not engaging much with me during supper as I sat next to her. I happened to have been on an NLP refresher weekend and so I worked away at asking her all sorts of questions and doing my best at communicating with her. You often find that when you ask people good questions they feel heard, especially if you continue after initial uneventful rapport. So there I was thinking this lady was not interested.

It was years later that I met her husband, a world class sportsman and spoke to him during an event I was part of. He looked at me and said: "Oh, I remember my wife telling me about you years ago!" I was surprised and happy about this because it meant I had put myself out to communicate at my best level to connect with his wife and she must have, unknowingly to me, appreciated the intention.

The lesson from my story is this: Never think that your good intentions to communicate are left unnoticed, just do your best and you will be amazed at how much people appreciate you for your efforts! Believe in yourself as a communicator.

I will write a second article this week about more useful aspects of NLP for you - have a brilliant week until then!


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