The benefits of neuro linguistic programming

NLP is a powerful communication system which works very quickly. I came across NLP about 11 years ago and it has had a huge impact on how I have empowered myself to communicate, how I understand other people better, what I want from my career, how I want to serve in my career and and and - needless to say, I am a huge fan and after 25 years working in health I do know what works for people to create change.

NLP removes the negative charge from past experience which has manifested in ourselves as sadness, anger, fear and hurt. It removes limiting beliefs about ourselves and lets us be free to have choices.

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Imagine how brilliant it would be if you could see the image of something you don't like to remember and you have absolutely no emotional charge to that event, it would just be witnessing an image? Brilliant, right?

A few other areas NLP is a great choice are:

  • Stop smoking

  • Healthy lifestyle, eliminate certain foods from your diet by hypnosis

  • In a team, observing other team members’ conversational style in order to create growth and better rapport

  • Change one's mood in an instant

  • Create a vision beyond your vision

  • Remove phobias for good

We are all creatures who exist as energy. Our energy determines how much we get done in a day, how much headspace we have to create new ideas, how we talk to others and how well we can manoeuvre

when a conversation is not going the way we like.

NLP is a tool you can learn to massively improve those things and to be in the driving seat of your life.

Belief change

When we replace an old belief that does not empower us and replace it with a more empowering one, a huge amount of energy is set free!

Some examples of limiting beliefs are: "I cannot sing", "I can only run one mile", "I have never earned more than £4000 per month", "I will never be able to hold down a demanding job", "I am just not a creative person." Smash them, you have not come to this planet to play small! What do you gain from staying the same person?

What would you like to improve in your life, and what is your strength where other people can learn from you?

Think about that for a moment. Ask your colleagues for feedback. I am often amazed at the feedback I receive, it means a lot to me when I am able to help people.

I hope this has given you some value and might have made you curious about how NLP could assist you or somebody else. The beauty of it is that you can always book an individual session and that you are not under any obligation to do more. It's all about getting your results and a good outcome. NLP is super specific, constructive and fun.

Have a great February with tons of learning and aha moments!

Love, Siska

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