Five ways to create positive change quickly

It's just fantastic to sit in my warm sun porch just after half term in February. The sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly… I really appreciate being able to work from home for a day of the week, it's such a blessing.

For many of us, springtime is a time when we welcome change, even for those of us who are uneasy with change.

The benefits of big change with little effort are immense!

Change creates a new pattern of...



way of thinking or


Pleasant change is like gold dust in midlife when the brain of the average person is relatively bored (repetition of daily tasks), however also often stressed and strangely unchallenged...

So let's get going here. Visual learners think a lot and auditory learners feel a lot. This is a concept from Neuro Linguistic Programming. Those two groups represent the majority of people.

How to create positive change?

1. Exercise

Move your body to change your emotional state.

Commit to exercise three times a week for 30 minutes, book in with a class for accountability or plan with a friend. The key is to actually do it, be accountable for it. Walk briskly if you cannot quite commit to cardio. Just do it.

Does spending time in nature make you happy? Then exercise outside.

People who don't exercise are unlikely to follow up on their goals. Don't be one of them, you have a vision!

2. Get in the habit of reading again

Choose a book which a friend or a colleague you respect recommends. It will expand your vision, how you think and how you feel. Read for 30 minutes daily. Did you know that successful people have a habit of reading daily for at least 30 minutes?

3. Make a habit of being more present

For an hour a day make the conscious effort to engage with your co-workers or family with your very best communication skills.

How can you do that? If you often feel you are not appreciated enough, that means that you lack rapport or that you are not valuing yourself enough. So ask good questions, then ask the next follow up question that you would normally not ask. For example: "What do you like about ...?", "Why did you choose your career/A level subject/location?", "What would make this conversation totally awesome?" Think of good questions. Tony Robbins says the quality of your relationships depends on the quality of your questions. Bit scary, ey? But be brave! You deserve the best. You will get instant results.

4. Would you like to change your belief about something?

For example, is it starting to become a stumbling block that you hold on to a grudge, is it hard for you to forgive? Do you hold beliefs that are really not serving you for now? About work, money, relationships and love? For example, if you have lost a lot of respect, money or status in the past and you feel that is very unfair (even if it was unfair, this is something very common), how can you change to a mindset that will empower you rather than defeat you?

5. And finally, change something in your life that has to do with scent or touch

Buy a new perfume or essential oil, an Apres-Rasage lotion or just a new washing powder if that gives you a new experience 😁 you really value! Shake things up, be less predictable!

For those of you who respond especially well to texture and touch, buy an especially soft scarf, cashmere socks or a lovely soft jumper.

You will be surprised about how letting go of sameness and introducing newness will give you variety, make you think differently and make you feel good!

Bottom line is that despite challenges and setbacks that we all experience, we want to train our mindset and neurology to feel jolly awesome most of the time! We want to feel increasingly good! And you really deserve it, too.

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