How we can we climb back up to the vibe of MOTIVATION?

As this week starts, motivation is standing out as a fluctuating slightly intangible idea. It needs a bit of mindset work done.

How we can we climb back up to the vibe of MOTIVATION? When we don't get the results we expect and hope for, we get discouraged. We might start blaming others, ourselves, Brexit, the weather, that it costs money we don't have, that it's easier for other people because of this, and other excuses. Yes, getting results is not easy. Yes, life throws some really hard and sad things at us at times. I am not denying its impact.

When we want to create something new and live the vision of our success and dream, we need motivation. How do we get it back? We need to...

remove the emotions we are feeling and...

remember why we started pursuing our dream.

Remember why you were so passionate about your project, why it was so important for you and how you want to contribute towards others. Your dream is very much connected to your own personal story. That is good! Remember your long term vision for yourself, your family, your tribe. Make that vision bright, hear it and see it. Allow yourself to correct details of your desired outcome, update your plan if necessary. Are you a visual person? A vision board of your dream and goals is a good thing to stack motivation. I am changing mine at the moment and adding a few things, it's good to keep the vision clear and vibrant.

Surround yourself with people who lift you up and are also committed to progress. "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with," is something Jim Rohn said a long time ago. Are your five people bringing you up or down? Why do you spend time with them? I am shedding lots of people who are low vibe at the moment and have too many reasons to stay stuck in victim mode. It doesn't help me to live the life of my dreams and I am continuously discovering new interesting people. I have given myself permission to let them come into my life, I don't panic about the absence of the perfectly aligned friendship group.

What is meant for you will never miss you. But make sure you are clear in the vision and outcome you want to create – only then can it come towards you. I will illustrate that with examples: If you want to attract balanced and fulfilled friends but you are sad and have not worked through your obstacles, you will continue to attract sad people. When you become more open to allowing an entrepreneurial outlook on life or a creative artistic expression (with lots of output) of yourself you will attract people who are giving out the same. Law of attraction is a fascinating field, please read the "Secret" or follow Esther Hicks on Youtube if this subject interests you. You can also read about it on my blog, "The fabulous and exhilarating LAW OF ATTRACTION".

As I am writing this I am prepping to attend Tony Robbins' signature 4-day event in London, Unleash the Power Within. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a huge boost to happiness and motivation. It will be incredible, my third time! It changes lives and I have many friends there. Keep tuning in, I will go live quite a bit there from ExCel. You'll get the vibe!

We have a VIP day at the luxurious Greek Street Soho House group coming up in May, contact me for details. This is going to be a fabulous event for people wanting a taste of Midlife Rockstar Coaching! Get in touch!

I am available for coaching packages and individual NLP sessions, both in person and online. Get support and invest in becoming the best version of you!

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