How to turn your biggest obstacle into your most valued breakthrough

Hello everyone,

It's a beautiful time of the year with the sun returning, warming our faces and trees in blossom. The feeling, image and smell of spring has arrived for us – it's beautiful! What is your favourite thing about spring?

One of my biggest treats in spring in the last three years has been attending Tony Robbins four day event, "Unleash The Power Within". I have attended for the last two years in order to work on being in a high vibe mindset and transforming my midlife experience from shite into shining golden. It's a fabulous experience!

This year I have gone to UPW with the intention to bust my limiting belief about money. Uplevelling in that area is my job for 2019.

So, what is the thing you seem unable to crack but you really want to? What are you convinced about that you cannot do?

How much do you want it – a beautiful healthy body, a stunning house, a really good relationship with your kids, exhilarating intimacy with your partner, confidence to take the lead in your job, boundless energy, a total change in location?

The secret to setting free a massive amount of energy is to master a limiting belief. What is a limiting belief? It's a story you have told yourself over and over again, you have almost created it with your beliefs or somebody told you a very long time ago. An example of a limiting belief is, "I cannot do sports" or "I don't have the education or the right age to do...".

But is it true?

How do you know that it is true?

Over the weekend I learned how to transform that certainty that I cannot do something into feeling in my body the absolute certainty of conviction that I MUST and CAN do it now. I have the mindset of certainty to make it happen.

You see, when we admire something in other people that we think is out of reach for us, we only create distance between us and what we truly want. That is not good enough for you, Rockstar!

We strive for what we want! We don't give up, we have to have our needs met!

You need to know how to leverage your dream to be the best and fast and I will write in my next blog how you can best do that. So stay tuned!

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