The Irresistible Power of Personal Freedom

If you are reading this, then chances are that you are interested, or at least curious, in having more personal freedom.

So, if I asked you what does personal freedom mean to you, what would you say?

Is it having...

  • more time

  • having more choices (eg in your career)

  • having more influence

  • having more money

  • having the courage to say what you really think

  • not being afraid of negative consequences when you change your mind about something

  • something else?

Every person has different unique needs: the need for certainty; uncertainty/variety; connection/love; growth; contribution and significance. Check out Tony Robbins’ incredible podcast and TED talk on

Why we do what we do’.

We often assume that we know our own needs and can ‘uniquely forecast’ everyone else's needs 😉but in fact, we are not mind readers! You don't have to share or match the needs of your boss or your colleagues, but make sure you know how to contribute with your skills so that you are able to know what their needs are in order to understand what drives them. Knowing how to meet our needs is vital to maintaining personal freedom.

Gary Vaynerchuk recently put out a video on LinkedIn saying that he encourages above all for his employees to be free of fear in the workplace. He says a team member who is not fearful will produce the best results, is motivated and won't waste time gossiping, mulling things over or spending too much time in non-productive thinking mode.

This resonated with me very deeply because I have always enjoyed the company of people who are authentic, non-judgemental, allow independence and innovation in the workforce. A creative person, in particular, will thrive on this. Freedom is, in fact, the opposite of fear and anxiety. The trouble is that our old brain is hard-wired for survival and fear in order for us to survive. The less fear we are exposed to, the better. Exposing that fear and anxiety in the workforce is part of us, but it won't stop us, is an invaluable ingredient to a great team.

We all know when somebody brings out the best in us! I ask you now which qualities does the person have who brings out the best in you?

I have made it my mission in midlife to expand continuously with personal freedom in order to fire up my contribution to the world. Setting myself and others free from limiting beliefs and low vibe mindsets, and bust the myth of having to fit in with conventional beliefs for the sake of it. You are creating the most authentic and innovative energy around you when you live and speak from a space of freedom, contribution to others and creativity.

When you are authentic, people and opportunities you never even thought existed will flock to you magnetically! I know this to be true with crystal clear certainty because I had to learn through a very painful experience of ‘going with what needs to be done to hold it all together’ that this simply does not work. It's against all laws of physics. I'm here to give you permission to search for your specific flavour of freedom, and to encourage you that you will thrive in the most magnetic way when you follow the path of your unique personal freedom.

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I believe in you!

Siska x

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