Motivation – what motivates you and how do you get motivated when you need it?

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As I sit here on the terrace of the supremely comfortable Eastbury Hotel in Sherborne (I adore Sherborne!) overlooking the lawn in super comfy temperatures, I realize that I have had a week full of growth, laughter and fun. Really!

One of the most important things for me as a creative coach is to fill myself up with inspiration. When I hear an inspiring story I get totally fired up with energy, motivation and a sense of certainty for my inner purpose. When we are highly motivated we can serve others better and contribute towards the greater good in our environment.

Motivation happens when there is a real sense of connection between human beings, nature or animals that touches us on a very deep level. We feel heard and we awaken again with that spark that changes everything.

Motivation just hits the spot and whoom! you have built what we call an "anchor" in NLP. An anchor is a neurological link which is established between the emotional state and the stimulus. I give you an example: In April 2017 I was very tired, it had been a long winter and although things overall were ok I was longing for a breakthrough in two areas of my life. The spark of enthusiasm was a bit dim. But I had something great to look forward to. I was really looking forward to my first seminar with Tony Robbins in London, UPW Unleash The Power Within. When I got there, I remember the moment he stepped on stage and the crowd went into the most joyful shoutout. I could hear Bruno Mars' "You Make Me Feel Like I've Been Locked Out of Heaven" dance version and an overjoyed Tony Robbins running on stage. I had the most beautiful experience. An unleashing of stress, thoughts and medium low vibe I could literally feel leaving my body. I had tears streaming down my face in gratitude and an incredibly strong sense of certainty for my life purpose to live the most beautiful life ever. It was a hell of an anchor to experience. So now if I want to motivate myself I listen to that song when I go jogging and I get myself in a beautiful emotional state or I just look at a photo with Tony Robbins smiling and I feel great and remember the amazing event in London last year.

To stay motivated you need your cup to be really full every now and then. And you do need to invest in yourself. Have periods of rest, connect with yourself, change your routine, look after your body, spoil yourself, and yes you must spend some money on educating yourself further. Find a peer group with people who support and stretch you. If you don't do any of those things, you will end up where you always have been. We learn only outside our comfort zone. Bottom line!

Another way how you can shortcut your journey to experience motivation more easily is to find out if you are an auditory, visual or kinaesthetic learner. Do you think in hearing sounds, do you see pictures/ images or do you feel information? Once you have identified this, set up your motivation sources around that. For example, my daughter is a visual learner, she loves clothes and imagery. So she motivates herself with beautiful outfits and gorgeous photos all around her. What is your preferred choice? It is called a sensory modality in NLP, check out Representational Systems in NLP/VAKOG for further reading. Lean in fully on it, don't make compromises.

Finally, I feel called to share a motivational story which lights me up when I think about it. This year I experienced another fabulous and powerful UPW Tony Robbins event, and with a couple of people attending we shared a taxi on our way to our accommodation together in London. In the taxi, Andy told us how he was raised by a single Mum with a very negative and traumatic storyline about his father whom he never met. He told us how he wanted to protect children and look after children as a result of his own experiences. He then discovered that he was really good at it and grew a chain of homes for children to be looked after in care. He not only was contributing towards others with sharing his gifts as a protector and educator but also he went further and became a successful entrepreneur now in his thirties to fully meet his needs for success, growth and wealth. We were stunned listening to his story, without bitterness or an ounce of malice. He had turned his pain into joy and wealth. I am in awe of you, Andy. Thank you for sharing your story that evening. Some life stories are so incredibly motivating!

Ok, I better dash off for a lovely walk now, because nature keeps me deliciously motivated. What are you doing today that is motivating you? Who motivates you? Please tell us, we really want to connect with you!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it.

Siska x

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