I am starting a Midlife Revolution - are you really a Midlife Rockstar at heart?

Are you ready? Good!

How to reconnect with your true authentic self? Ditch limiting beliefs about love, relationships and money and about how midlife has to look, for good!

It's endlessly exciting to lean into uncertainty and just allowing to find your true desires, inspired ideas and own thought material. A new life force is set free, you feel more alive and you look and sound different!

When we stay increasingly unsatisfied with a part of our lives, career or personal life, it is a sign. Listen and watch out! Listen to your inner voice, you know best... Something is out of synch, it annoys us, it blocks us, we feel like needing to break out.

Now note: If you have a great need for certainty and you thrive on having predictable things in your life, you are likely to deny and ignore your self discomfort for a very very long time (hands up what I did in the past! Haha, not a fricking chance now of that happening again, seriously!)

If you have a great need for uncertainty, however, you love change and need that buzz (entrepreneurs, creative visionaries, salespeople) to keep you inspired, you will notice a niggling frustration that something is out of synch much much sooner.

We are currently breaking down boundaries of how things have to look, feel and sound because the old values of our parents' generation ain't working for us no more!

It's an incredible gift you give yourself, to choose freedom in how you show up in the world, your views about education, which values you instil in your children, how you live your relationships and how authentic you are able to interact in your career.

What are the limiting beliefs about midlife? Here are a few, please feel free to add more:

"I am too old now to change the things in my life."

"Paying school fees cripples my lifestyle, I have no choices!"

"I am in a sexless marriage but I cannot leave because my partner wouldn't be able to cope without me and I cannot afford a separation."

"Money is the root of all evil!"

"The rich get richer and the poor get poorer."

"Everyone in my family is just not good with money."

"All good men are either married or are taken."

"A clever and successful woman must somehow be a bit of a bitch."

"It is greedy to ask for what you really want!"

The list is endless!

How about reframing and updating a few of them, like:

"What is meant for me will never miss me and I take the inspired action steps to follow my goals and dreams!"

"I am so happy to invest in myself so I have new opportunities that give me energy and purpose."

"With the right support in the right environment, I can truly move mountains and flourish."

"I am so thrilled to allow myself to receive success, wealth and love. I really have put the work in and I believe in great results."

Sounds more energizing and fun, right?

It is vital to be in a positive, inspiring and supportive environment to start stepping into your Midlife Rockstar energy - we need mentors, good questions and people we trust to grow at our own pace.

I'm prepping for my 7 week live call course - it's called, 'Learning How To Fly Again!' We will have an amazing group of men and women who are committed to stepping into their Midlife Rockstar energy. It will be an incredible opportunity to connect with others who are on a similar journey to discover what it really is they are hungry for. We will go through 7 subjects of transformation and use cutting edge coaching techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming and my own written and improvised music to get individuals from fog and frustration to aliveness, more freedom and choices... doesn't that sound like fun?

Message me to register if you love this, or share with your other rockstars!

1:1 online coaching slots currently available.

You've got this!

What is your vision of midlife?

Please tell me, I cannot wait to hear from you!

I adore you, visionaries - spread your ideas and let me know!

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Growth happens when we connect and do something new!

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