Transformation is calling - are you ready?

Happy New Year to you all! May all of your dreams come true this year. Your small dreams and your big dreams.

Now, world learner, there is clearly something in the air. The New Year is ambitiously followed up by an overall energy ready to step into...

- our truth

- to step up as the leader you were always meant to be

- to step up as the romantic love partner you were always meant to be and

- to go all in on what you stand for, your beliefs and your values

for what makes you even more YOU!

And what is that? What does that look like, sound like and feel like for you? I am already so excited for you and I'm super super excited for myself also.

Hey, it sounds cool - doesn't it? Yup!

My community consists of people who adore...









We love being on the rise, uplevelling to our next version of ourselves.

I personally have put in so much work, time, money, effort and feedback in the last couple of years that now I am ready for the total rise. Now!

Sometimes we need to be exposed to situations or people quite a few times before we truly learn and value ourselves. Everyone has a different process of learning from experiences. What have you learnt about yourself? Set the boundaries quicker, identify the red flags, follow your gut?

Here are my top takeaways from thriving and succeeding in midlife:

1. Be unapologetically you. The more you are YOU, the happier you will be and the more authentic you will be. People will understand you better and quicker. Being nice and people pleasing will get you nowhere. Being kind and authentic will get you to your ideal client and friendship group avanti avanti quickly. No kidding here, listen to the expert.

2. Learn how to communicate better in the area where you need mentoring (e.g. how to truly connect with people, how to communicate conflict, how to ask good questions). Be ultra specific about what you need improving and go all in. Do it in a way that suits your style and your values, don't try and imitate somebody's style who is brilliant at it but a completely different personality to you. I learnt most from my managers in private healthcare and my last two coaches, Maria Terol and Jessica Caver Lindholm. You need mentors to become a brilliant communicator. Investment in yourself will give you the progress you want.

3. Choose a profession which totally lights you up. Find a way to match your core beliefs with your work environment. You will truly excel there! Don't try to fit in because you feel you ought to, it looks good, it is meant to be a wise move etc. If the work environment does not support you, your personality or your skills, Superstar, find a better one that will. Simple. Anything else will make you ill and rob you of your creative energy in the long run.

4. Trade your expectations for appreciations! Tony Robbins advocates this and it is so immensely powerful. Let your family, colleagues and friends know what you appreciate about them, the little things and the big things! Brag for Britain, yup! It will light them up, you will heighten your vibrational frequency and that makes you and them feel good. I make a personal point of often complementing people who do what many might interpret as not important work, for example, a junior chef, a reliable and friendly cleaner, a happy co-worker, a patient colleague, an attentive child, a capable leader, an extra compassionate boss, a precise nurse, a helpful receptionist on the phone that remembers what you like etc.

Let me know what you are planning to do and achieve, feel like or want to discover this year.

How does your personal uplevel look and sound like? Go all in about what the special VERSION OF YOU looks like. That is true. And voila - the mundane complaining and sluggish midlife existence will be replaced by an alive version of you. Will you choose this adventure that will give you huge amounts of energy, inspiration and stimulation?

Here is to a healthy and happy 2019 that will be brilliant and feel easy.

You really deserve it!

Siska x

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